Museum Collection

Install Collective Access Database


  • “Cotton Gin Mill” by Jean Charlot
  • “Patrick Henry” by Andy Davis

Native American Collection

  • Objects of Creek Indian Nation
  • Image of First Treaty of Indian Springs

Area Architecture

  • Drawings of Public Square
  • Objects of historic houses
  • Images of houses being moved
  • Images of the 1896 Courthouse
  • Construction of new homes
  • Drawings of the 1910 Monument in the City Square
  • Drawings of new firehouse

People of McDonough

  • Images of Commodore Thomas MacDonough
  • Mayor Billy Copeland

Area Industry

  • Images of Cotton Warehouse
  • Images of Big Spring
  • Images and tools of cotton farming and production
  • Boll weevil
  • Images of the impact of the boll weevil on homes and McDonough


  • Images of Wagon Trains
  • Objects of Stagecoaches
  • Images or objects of the Georgia Midland and Gulf Railroad
  • Images of the Camp Creek train wreck
  • Newspaper articles of the Camp Creek train wreck
  • I-75 Construction
  • Images of changes to area interstate highway

Civil War

  • Images or documents of the Secession Convention
  • Images of Kilpatrick’s Raiders
  • Images of Sherman’s Army on their March to the Sea

Area Historic Events

  • Copies of the $35,000 bond
  • Images of the Progress Day celebration November 20, 1931
  • Images of President Franklin Roosevelt railroad procession
  • Images of WWII McDonough Servicemen
  • Images of families supporting WWII
  • Images of soldiers returning from WWII

Area Civic Pride

  • Photos of Easter Egg Hunt, the Music in the Park series, and Easter Sunrise Service on the Square, and the annual Christmas Parade.
  • “The Geranium City.” banner
  • Notes delivered to General Norman Schwarzkopf
  • Pictures of Mayor at Presidential Award for Outstanding Civic Leadership Ceremony in Washington, D.C.
  • Images of Olympic Torch Relay

Future of McDonough

  • Drawings of the future plans of McDonough
  • Graph of Census growth